Guardianship Orders

Where someone has been deemed to not be able to manage their personal welfare, property or financial affairs a Guardianship Order is needed to allow for someone else to do take on this role. A Guardianship Order authorises a suitable person to make ongoing decisions about a person's personal welfare and/or property and financial affairs. This appointment is made by a Sheriff in the Sheriff Court.

Our solicitors have substantial experience in advising and representing both Adults with incapacity and those with an interest in their affairs.  Whether you are looking to apply for Guardianship of a loved one or are looking to challenge an application that has already been made, our solicitors can help you through the process.  We are also able to assist with making and changes to an existing Guardianship order or with renewing a Guardianship.

Our Solicitors are also able to act in the role of Financial Guardian where an person's situation may be more complicated.  If this is something that you would like to discuss please click on the link below to arrange an appointment.

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