Become a member

By joining LSA you can support our work and receive various benefits such as reduced priced seminars.

LSA is a community-controlled law centre which aims to tackle the unmet legal needs of people who are disadvantaged. It is a charity, and a company limited by guarantee run by a board of directors.

Our members are very important, providing formal indication of support for our work; guidance and accountability; and a small guaranteed income.

There are two options for membership: full and associate (details below). Anyone can become an associate member. Only charitable, voluntary and community organisations are eligible for full membership.

Membership is excellent value. All members, whether full or associate receive:

  • Reduced prices for seminars (generally between £10 and £30)
  • Free copies of most publications

Only full members have voting rights.

Membership fees are due from 1 April each year. If you join between 1 December and 31 March, your membership is free until 1 April.

If you are interested in joining contact us on: 0141 353 3354 or 0141 354 1274 or

Email us for a copy of our constitution



Full members receive all member benefits including reduced seminar fees, entitlement to vote at the AGM and to nominate representatives to the LSA board

Only charitable, voluntary and community organisations are eligible for full membership. This includes: tenant associations, student associations, housing associations, credit unions, CABx, advice agencies, educational organisations, including universities, community councils, non-party political campaign organisations and community halls.

Full membership is subject to approval by the board of directors.

There are two types of full membership:

  • Small organisation membership: £20 (inc. vat): open to any small tenants group, local community organisation or small local charitable organisation in Scotland. Organisations which employ staff are not usually eligible for this category.
  • Larger community charitable or voluntary organisation: £50 (inc. vat): open to any larger voluntary local community or charitable organisation in Scotland. Organisations which employ staff come within this category.Each branch or division needs to join individually.

Associate members have all the rights of full members but are not entitled to nominate members to the board or vote at the AGM.

Anyone can become an associate member. This includes individuals, businesses, and local or central government organisations.

There are four types of associate membership:

  • Associate: student/unemployed: £5 (inc. vat)
  • Open to all students in full-time education or those who are unemployed and not on a placement or course.

  • Associate: individual: £20 (inc. vat)
  • Open to any individual who supports LSA`s work.

  • Associate: corporate: £100 (inc. vat)
  • Open to any corporate organisation (for example firm of solicitors) which, although not a charity, supports LSA`s objectives. All members of staff (in the branch) are entitled to the benefits of membership.

  • Associate: public authority: £300 (inc. vat)
  • Open to all local authorities and government agencies in Scotland. All elected members and staff of the local authority or public authority receive full membership benefits. Also, one delegate is entitled to attend all LSA seminars for half price.(It does not need to be the same person each time!)