About us

Established in 1989, Legal Services Agency (LSA) is a charity and law centre providing access to social justice. We have a particular focus to provide advice and representation to people who may otherwise find it difficult to get legal advice.

We are proud of our track record of spotting trends and have championed the use of strategic litigation in our daily practices, challenging systematic failures to enact long-term sustainable changes.

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As a registered CPD provider, we take a leading role in providing legal education through research, training, and publications on topical issues and underrepresented areas of information. We share learning and findings, building cross sectoral knowledge and capacity.

Our Vision

We believe in a fair society where social justice is available to those who might otherwise find it difficult to access legal assistance. We advocate for Human Rights and empowerment through sharing knowledge and promoting awareness of legal remedies in all communities.

Our Mission

We seek to be a leading force in tackling inequality in our society and in our legal system. We influence change by undertaking education, campaigning, and policy engagement.  We work in partnership with multidisciplinary organisations to create positive, sustainable results and build a better future for all.

Our Values

Our clients, partners and funders recognise the honesty and integrity that underpins everything that we do. We continue to build on thirty years of meeting changing needs, driven by evidence and research, and of instilling confidence in those we collaborate with.

LSA have offices in Glasgow, Inverclyde, as well as holding outreach surgeries in Edinburgh and other areas, providing services to individuals and organisations throughout Scotland.

LSA is accountable to the Law Society of Scotland and subject to Law Society/Scottish Legal Aid Board quality regime, as well as the Scottish Government’s National Standards for Information and Advice Providers.

We are managed by a Board of Directors who are accountable to LSA member organisations. Our professional services are organized in the firm of Brown & Co. Legal LLP.


about us
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Our work

We offer legal services in a range of areas, aiming to tackle disadvantage and meet unmet legal need. Our main areas of work are housing, mental heath, employment, benefits and criminal injuries compensation.

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Our people

Our team of highly qualified, supportive and friendly solicitors are assisted by experienced paralegals and support staff.

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Taking responsibility for overall governance, financial management and strategic direction of LSA, our Board of Directors ensure that we have a clear strategy that is in line with our vision and values.

How we help

We have expertise in a range of areas of social welfare law including mental health, housing, criminal injuries compensation, benefits and employment law. We offer advice and representation at a range of courts and tribunals across Scotland.

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