If you are having problems at work, you may need advice and assistance so that you know your legal rights and entitlements.  At LSA we aim to make sure that you are aware of your employment rights, and to use our expertise to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Equality and human rights is at the heart of all we do here at LSA. We use the law to effect change, and we aim to highlight current issues arising in employment cases in Scotland in relation to the Human Rights Act 1998.

What we do:

If you are an employee, agency worker, casual or contract worker, we can support you on a wide range of work-related issues, from recovering unpaid wages, to securing more flexible working arrangements.

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LSA can offer you legal advice and representation across all aspects of employment law, including:

  • Contractual disputes including holidays and sick pay
  • Redundancy / lay-offs
  • Unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal
  • Advice is available on employment law issues caused by COVID– 9 including health and safety, homeworking, furlough, and redundancy
  • Disciplinary action, warnings, and suspension
  • Wage entitlement including unpaid wages, deductions, and minimum wage
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Changes to terms and conditions
  • Agency and part-time workers’ rights
  • Taking a claim to the Employment Tribunal
  • Breach of contract
  • Grievances
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Settlement agreements
  • Workplace disputes
  • Workplace harassment
  • Contractual terms
  • Equal pay claims
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Zero hours claims

We also handle a wide range of workplace discrimination claims including:

  • Race discrimination claims
  • Religion and belief discrimination claims
  • Age discrimination claims
  • Disability discrimination claims
  • Pregnancy and maternity discrimination claims
  • Sex discrimination claims
  • Sexual orientation discrimination claims
  • Gender discrimination claims

What you can expect from us:

At LSA, our team of legal experts takes the complexity out of your employment claim by talking you through each stage of the process using clear, jargon-free language. We understand the time constraints in relation to dealing with employment matters and we will talk you through all the options and help you to find a way of working with us that works for you.

The kinds of questions people normally ask us include:

Am I entitled to a contract of employment?
What is the minimum I should be paid by my employer?
Can I be dismissed when I am on sick leave?
Can I claim compensation if I have been unfairly dismissed?
What should I do if I have been discriminated against at work?
What should I do if I am being bullied or harassed at work?
What are my rights if I work on a part-time or fixed term contract?
What rights do I have at work if I’m pregnant and after I’ve had a baby?

The Employment Project is delivered by the Legal Services Agency through funding provided by the National Lottery Community Fund. 


"Thank you so much for all your invaluable help and guidance during what has been a difficult time with my now former employer. That case is now concluded with the settlement arrived at via ACAS. I could have however not have got there without you and your measured and kind advice and the time you took to scrutinise my documents and to offer counsel. I would like to extend my thanks to all the staff in LSA who have taken my phone calls, but most of all, my gratitude to you personally is unlimited."

- Happy client

Our Employment Team

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