Mortgage Repossession

Being threatened with losing your home is always a difficult situation, and people often find it a difficult thing to deal with. We see this with our clients facing mortgage repossession. However there are a range of options available to you if you have fallen behind on your mortgage or secured loan payments. We can assist you to negotiate with your lender, or if necessary defend a repossession action raised against you. We regularly appear in Glasgow and Greenock Sheriff Courts to defend repossession actions.

If your lender is looking to repossess your property the first thing you will get is a calling up notice. If you receive this you can seek early advice on your options. Often litigation fees are added to your mortgage, and so the sooner you resolve matters the less it will impact on your financial circumstances.

Once the calling up notice expires, if your lender wants to take legal action to repossess the property, they will make an application to the court and you will receive court papers. These will provide the details of your case, and the date it will call in court.

Mortgages, and secured loans, can present complex legal issues, but getting advice on your options can help you to keep your home. These cases can be defended, sometimes through negotiating a payment arrangement, sometimes through making a mortgage to rent application, and sometimes through marketing the property to pay off the debt. We can assist you with identifying the potential remedies in your case, and if necessary making a referral for money or debt advice.

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