We believe that everyone should have somewhere safe to call home. If you don’t have a home we can advise you on your options in terms of obtaining accommodation. Local authorities have general duties to provide accommodation to homeless people and may have a duty to find them a permanent home.

We advise people in a whole variety of circumstances who might need to make a homeless application. Some of our clients have been homeless for a long time, some have recently lost a home, some have recently left prison or Home Office accommodation. People can find themselves needing this help for a whole variety of reasons, and our service is available for everyone.

We can help you to obtain temporary accommodation, ensure that your temporary accommodation is suitable, and help you if you don’t agree with a decision made by the local authority, such as if they decide you are intentionally homeless, or that an offer of accommodation is reasonable if you don’t think it is. With homeless cases it is particularly important that you get advice as soon as possible, as there are strict time limits.

We often help people who have particular accommodation needs due to their circumstances, such as if they have health issues or a disability. These can be complex cases, and need expert evidence. We can talk you through your options and get the evidence you need to enforce your rights.

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