30 September 2021


Having Power of Attorney in place gives YOU the autonomy to make a conscious decision to allow someone you know and trust to make decisions regarding your welfare, if or when you lose the ability to do so yourself.

It means that YOU know the person understands YOUR needs, YOUR wants and will always act in YOUR best interests.

It’s a legally binding document, which allows your loved ones to make sure YOU are receiving the best care and financial support if you are ever unable to do so yourself.

It’s a way for YOU to feel comfortable with YOUR future, no matter what lies ahead.

Power of Attorney. Take control of your future by making sure your loved ones know exactly what you want from your life, when you no longer can make the decision. Set up your Power of Attorney with LSA.

Legal Services Agency can help to provide guidance regarding this and are available to discuss any queries and provide advice.  We can be contacted by telephone on 0141 353 3354 or email to mail@lsa.org.uk.

Mera Devi
Trainee Solicitor
Mental Health Team

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