04 July 2023

Legal Services Agency launches Legal Advice Service in collaboration with the MS Society

In February 2023, Legal Services Agency launched our new project with the MS Society to provide a legal advice service for people living with MS. The MS Society is a charity which supports people who have a diagnosis of MS and plays a leading role in MS research.

MS stands for Multiple Sclerosis and is defined by the MS Society as “a condition that affects your brain and spinal cord. In MS, the coating that protects your nerves (myelin) is damaged). This causes a range of symptoms like blurred vision and problems with how we move, think and feel.”

The MS Legal Advice Service has been set up to offer people living with MS the opportunity to speak to a solicitor about their rights and get legal advice on various issues. Currently, LSA are able to provide advice on housing, power of attorney, employment, disability discrimination and community care issues. It is important that people living with MS understand what rights and options they have in relation to their circumstances, and have the chance to challenge unfair practice should it arise.

LSA is proud to be working with the MS Society to deliver this vital service. Our CEO, Aaliya Seyal, has said:

“We are delighted to be working with the MS Society to ensure that essential legal advice is as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.  We believe everyone should be able to assert their rights and hope that our partnership in delivering the legal advice helpline with the MS Society will take a step forward in making sure that this mission can become a reality.”

You can find more information on the MS Society website. Please click here to visit their website. You can email the helpline on helpline@mssociety.org.uk, or phone 0808 800 8000 to find out more.