02 September 2020

Glasgow’s free advice sector stands united

Glasgow’s free advice sector stands united

THIS Thursday, Glasgow City Council will vote to cut over £2m each year from its funding to Glasgow`s community law centres, citizen advice bureaux (CABx), local money advice and other advice agencies.  That`s a 60% cut across the board.  £5m removed from Glasgow`s free advice sector over the next two and a half years.

Tens of thousands of clients won’t be able to seek help from their local advice agency over the next two and a half years if these cuts are implemented on Thursday.

This decision may force the closure of Castlemilk Law Centre – the oldest law centre in Scotland – Drumchapel Money Advice Centre which covers the North West, Bridgeton, Castlemilk, Easterhouse and Parkhead CABx in Glasgow`s East End and South East, Glasgow Central CAB in the centre of the city. These are vital agencies who serve vulnerable people across our city.

Other law centres and advice agencies would see one third to a half of their council support disappear from next month – reducing their capacity to help people in dire need of support, face-to-face advice and court and tribunal representation across Glasgow.  All at a time when demand for help is due to dramatically increase.

Why would any local authority reduce the capacity of its free advice sector during the worst pandemic in our lifetime? How can a pre-Covid19 funding plan meet the needs of Glasgow in a time of unprecedented crisis?

Glasgow’s free advice sector will assemble for a socially distanced and safe public demonstration in George Square on Wednesday, 2 September at 1pm.

You are invited to attend adhering to Scottish Government and NHS health and safety Covid19 guidance.

The 16 agencies who form the free advice network in Glasgow stand united against the unprecedented removal of the welfare safety net for citizens in our city.

There are two priorities for Glasgow`s Communities Fund. Improve communities by “addressing the impact of barriers such as deprivation, disadvantage, exclusion, inequality and isolation”. Second: to empower local communities to strengthen resilience.  These priorities can never be achieved without a strong and vibrant Glasgow advice sector.

GCC’s plans will create a humanitarian disaster in our city.

We will ask the citizens of Glasgow to show their support to safeguard their free advice sector and local community assets by writing to local councillors and using the hashtag on social media: #SaveYourAdviceSector

Glasgow cannot have a chasm at the heart of its free advice sector.

For more information please contact:

Bridgeton CAB 0141 554 0336 advice@Bridgetoncab.org.uk
Drumchapel CAB 0141 944 2612 bureau@drumchapelcab.org.uk
Easterhouse CAB 0141 771 2328 adminuser@easterhousecab.casonline.org.uk
North West CAB 0141 948 0204 bureau@gnwcab.org.uk
Parkhead CAB 0141 554 0004 info@parkheadcab.org.uk
Pollok CAB 0141 881 2462 admin5@gpollokcab.org.uk
Clydeside Action on Asbestos 0141 552 8852 admin@actionasbestos.org.uk
Drumchapel Money Advice 0141 944 0507 admin@d-mac.org.uk
GEMAP  0141 773 5850 info@gemap.co.uk
Castlemilk Law Centre 0141 634 0313 mail@castlemilklawcentre.co.uk
Ethnic Minority Law Centre 0141 204 2888 admin@emlc.org.uk
Govan Law Centre 07507 782930 mike.dailly@btinternet.com
Legal Services Agency 0141 353 3354/ 0800 316 8450 mail@lsa.org.uk
Money Matters 0141 445 5221 advice@moneymattersweb.co.uk
Castlemilk CAB 0141 634 0338 manager@castlemilkcab.casonline.org.uk