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Legal Services Agency is a charity (SC017160) and a law centre


The scale and pace of changes resulting from Covid-19 pandemic is causing heightened levels of uncertainty for us all! New guidance and amended rules are being issued daily. Interpretations of these for businesses and the impact for people and everyday lives are complex.

We remain committed to providing access to justice, advice and representation in these challenging times.

You can reach us on 0800 316 8450 or 0141 353 3354 or by email –

Please leave a name, contact telephone number and brief details of your query. This will assist us in having the right person come back to you.

We know things are difficult for many people. We are here to help so the important thing is that you get in touch.

We wish everyone stays safe and well in these challenging times.


Who are we?

Legal Services Agency (LSA) is a Scottish Law Centre and Charity which provides skilled legal advice, assistance and representation to vulnerable people and those who would otherwise find it difficult to get legal advice.

We have experience in areas of law that other solicitors don`t deal with. Our strong commitment to social justice means we believe everyone should have the right expert on their side when things go wrong.

We concentrate on the rights of people who are disadvantaged through mental illness, dementia, vulnerability resulting from youth or old age, poverty, debt, threatened homelessness, exclusion or any other reason.

When we are not able to help an individual, we work with our partner organisations across Scotland to make sure they get help, advice or representation elsewhere.

What areas do we work in?

We focus on many aspects of the law and human rights including:

1.  Housing and preventing homelessness

2.  Defended eviction and mortgage repossession cases

3.  Rights relating to incapacity law, mental health, dementia and acquired brain injury.

4.  Criminal Injuries Compensation, employment law and social welfare law.

Click here for an extensive list of our services.

Where are we based?

We have offices in Glasgow and Greenock.

We are also a major legal educator in Scotland, writing and producing various publications and holding a diverse array of Seminars every month.  We are committed to holding decision makers accountable and have a successful track record of leading policy change and campaigns.

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For more information about the work we undertake at LSA, please see our Annual P/Review.

Our 2019-2021 Annual P/Review is out.  Download it here to read more about the work we undertake.