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LSA’s National Preventing Homelessness Project.

2013-01-29 15:12:55

Building on LSA’s existing work, (seminars, leaflets, drop-ins, appointments, outreach, in-court advice desk and linked representation), LSA’s project is aimed at increasing awareness of remedies and how to obtain them throughout Scotland.

 Activities will include:- 

  • Linking with conveyancing lawyers, independent financial advisors and lenders to ensure that when home owners get into difficulties they are aware of the protection the law gives and where to get help.
  • Building on work in Glasgow, the project will ensure that organisations working in the non Glasgow City Council areas served by Glasgow Sheriff Court (i.e. Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch, Cambuslang and Rutherglen for instance) are aware of how to link-in with advice and representation.
  • Produce and circulate new booklets on the new Rent Arrears and Homelessness Law, linking in, of course, with LSA’s existing Mortgage Arrears leaflet.
  • Organise and promote seminars on accessing remedies to prevent homelessness, particularly in areas of Scotland which have, hitherto, not been so well served.
  • Launch a new national advisors’ preventing homelessness advice line aimed particularly at more isolated areas in Scotland, enabling all advisors throughout Scotland to obtain specialist law centre “second tier” advice on preventing homelessness and technical legal issues.

The new project will start in April 2013.

      Watch this space for more information!