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Eviction by Lock Change Prevented for Five Asylum Seekers in Glasgow

2019-07-03 17:58:24

- Court orders were granted at Glasgow Sheriff Court preventing Serco from evicting five asylum seekers by lock change until the next hearing

- A further hearing is scheduled for week commencing 7th August 2019 at which the court may determine the question of whether lock change evictions are legal in Scotland

At Glasgow Sheriff Court today 3rd July 2019 solicitors Rona Macleod and Alastair Houston from Legal Services Agency and advocate Adrian Stalker represented five asylum seeking clients who had received eviction notices from their housing provider, Serco, and who were at risk of their locks being changed.

The asylum seekers had received a notice telling them their right to occupy the property would terminate at 11.59pm on 4 July 2019 and that if they did not leave, Serco would take steps to evict them.

The asylum seekers’ legal team took urgent action and commenced legal proceedings at Glasgow Sheriff Court, which led to the hearing on 3rd July 2019. They argued that eviction without a court order was unlawful in Scots law and the court agreed to grant “interim interdict” orders, which will stop Serco from carrying out any lock change evictions until the next hearing of the case.

Our Rona Macleod, Solicitor at Brown & Co Legal LLP at Legal Services Agency, said:

“We welcome the Court’s decision today to grant interim interdict for these five people. We maintain that lock change evictions are unlawful in Scotland, and we will not stand idly by and allow this process to continue. We will continue to take any and all steps necessary to assist people in these circumstances.”

At present the bar on lock change eviction only applies to the five asylum seekers whose cases were in court today. Serco has not given any undertaking not to evict other asylum seekers who have been served lock change notices. It therefore remains extremely important that any individuals served with a notice obtain urgent legal advice.

For further information contact our Rona Macleod on 0141 353 3354, or by email at .