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Press Release: Serco Evictions

2018-08-08 16:30:52


Over the previous weeks and months the Legal Services Agency has been working alongside various other solicitors, community groups and people who are threatened with eviction by Serco to challenge this process.

We have published a blog about our position on the legality of these evictions, available here.

We have raised interdict proceedings which first called on 06 August 2018 in Glasgow Sheriff Court. This was after we were instructed by a client who received a notice giving him seven days to vacate the property or else the locks would be changed. We understand five other individuals were also threatened with this.

At the court hearing we obtained an undertaking from Serco that they would not change the locks on our client’s property for a further 22 days.

Kirsti Nelson, Solicitor with Brown & Co Legal LLP at Legal Services Agency said:

“This is not good enough. We have taken instructions from many clients who remain under a threat of eviction. Being threatened with eviction and street homelessness is  a highly distressing situation to be in. We are aware that this is capable of having, and is in fact having, a detrimental impact upon the health and wellbeing of those affected.”

In addition to the Interdict proceedings we are actively taking steps to raise separate proceedings on the basis of unlawful eviction where locks have already been changed which will include a request that the Court grants an award of compensation.

Our Interdict case will call again on 27 August 2018. In the absence of any further undertaking we anticipate requesting that the Court grant an interim interdict to prevent Serco from taking any action to deprive our client of their property. We anticipate raising further proceedings for other clients in similar situations, and are able to take referrals from any organisations who oppose Serco’s position on eviction of often vulnerable and destitute people.

For further information contact Kirsti Nelson on 0141 353 3354, or by email to

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