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LSA’s Kirsti Nelson on Good Morning Scotland

2018-06-12 11:17:35

LSA’s Kirsti Nelson featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s ‘Good Morning Scotland’ yesterday, 11 June.

Speaking to the show’s Bill Whiteford, Kirsti appeared alongside her client Monica Allan to discuss her ongoing challenge to the terms of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. Allan’s case has now reached the UK Supreme Court, where it is likely to be heard early next year.

The Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme allows victims of crimes of violence to claim for compensation for their injuries. However, under the so-called ‘same roof rule’, victims of crimes committed before 1st October 1979 by members of their own family who they were living with at the time are ineligible for compensation. Kirsti is arguing that the ‘same roof rule’ amounts to discriminatory treatment in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Similar challenges to the Scheme are also underway in England and Northern Ireland, where they are currently in the domestic courts.

The show can be heard on BBC iPlayer at Kirsti and her client`s appearance comes at around the 1 hour 50 minute mark.