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LSA signs 'see me' pledge

2012-12-12 15:27:52


Legal Services Agency (LSA) has formally pledged their commitment to join ‘see me’ in tackling the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.

‘see me’ -
Scotland’s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health - works in partnership with local businesses and organisations across Scotland to highlight the importance of positive mental health and the need to end discrimination against those who experience mental ill-health.

Committed to empowering people to speak openly and confidently about their mental health problems, ‘see me’ aims to break down the barriers associated with mental ill-health that still exists in society.

LSA aims to assist those at a disadvantage by providing a rights based response to anyone who faces discrimination. Their Mental Health Legal Representation Projects provide legal advice and representation to people who have experienced or are living with mental ill-health or dementia.

Suzie Vestri said: “Everyone has a basic human right to live their life free of discrimination and we welcome the commitment made by LSA to tackle the stigma of mental ill-health and to assist those who find themselves being discriminated against.

“With two thirds of us in contact with someone who has a mental health problem, we all have a role to play in ending the negative perceptions of mental ill-health and make sure people feel supported and able to talk openly about what they are experiencing.

“We hope the support pledged by LSA will encourage charities, businesses, groups and organisations across Scotland to take positive action by joining us in signing the ‘see me’ pledge to end the stigma of mental health problems.”

John L.Robertson Convenor to the Board of Directors of LSA Ltd said: “Regardless of background, condition or circumstances everyone should have the right to participate in decisions which could affect their human rights - this is also true of those who have lived experience of mental ill-health. As a result we are proud to pledge our support to the ‘see me’ campaign and we’re committed to working with them to challenge the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.”

Paul Brown Principal Solicitor & CEO of LSA Ltd said: “Our Mental Health Legal Representation Projects ensure that people with mental health problems receive the representation and support they need and deserve. We’re really pleased to pledge our support to ‘see me’ as we continue to play our part in eliminating the stigma of mental ill-health.”

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Notes to Editors

·     ‘see me’ is Scotland`s national campaign to end the stigma and discrimination of mental ill-health.  The ‘see me’ anti-stigma campaign is owned and run by an alliance of five Scottish mental health organisations: Highland Users Group (HUG), Penumbra, Royal College of Psychiatrists (Scottish Division), Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) and Support in Mind Scotland.

·     ‘see me’ is fully funded by the Scottish Government

·     The ‘see me’ campaign features a programme of events and local and national initiatives to reduce the stigma faced by people with mental health problems throughout Scotland.

·     The ’see me’ website acts as a signpost site for those seeking information on stigma, mental health problems and support services in Scotland.

·     LSA`s website is