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LSA Dementia Awareness Week

2013-05-30 09:12:55

Legal Services Agency: Dementia Awareness Week  03 – 09 June 2013


As part of Legal Services Agency (LSA) commitment to assisting individuals with dementia LSA`s Mental Health Representation Project is proud to be taking part in Alzheimer Scotland`s Dementia Awareness Week.  Dementia Awareness Week takes place from 03 until 09 June 2013. LSA`s Mental Health Representation Project provides specialist legal advice and assistance to people with mental ill health, dementia and brain acquired injury.  The project also assists their relatives and carers in all aspects of Scots civil law.


Throughout Dementia Awareness Week, LSA will be organising and taking part in a number of events.


Firstly, LSA will be attending the national conference organised by Alzheimer Scotland on 03 June 2013. 


Secondly, the Mental Health Representation Project will be running a dedicated Dementia Advice Line from Monday to Friday  03 – 07 June 2013 12 - 1pm throughout the week on 0141 353 3354. The dedicated advice line will offer free legal advice on issues affecting those diagnosed with dementia.  It will be open to people diagnosed with dementia, their careers and professionals alike.


Thirdly, the Project’s solicitors will also provide training, as part of the Supported Self Management Workshops, for people with dementia and their carers. The workshops are part of a pilot project between Glasgow City Council, Greater Glasgow NHS and Alzheimer Scotland.  They aim to provide post diagnostic support for people in the South of Glasgow, which can be accessed through the Community Mental Health Team and by GP referral.


In Scotland around 7000 people are diagnosed with dementia each year.  People diagnosed with dementia can have legal difficulties which are compounded by their diagnosis.  As a result they often do not get the help and legal assistance they need. LSA are committed to offering a high-quality, experienced and holistic service focussing on the needs and interests of people with mental ill health or dementia rather than for making profit. 


The LSA Dementia Advice Line on 0141 353 3354 will run from Monday to Friday 03 - 07 June 2013  12 - 1 pm. All callers will be able to speak with one of the Project’s solicitors.  The solicitors will be able to provide advice on a number of legal issues affecting people with dementia; including Power of Attorneys, Wills, Guardianship and Community Care matters. Where appropriate the solicitors can make appointments for callers; including home visits.


About LSA


LSA is a registered charity (Charity no: SC01716) and law centre founded in 1989 which provides skilled legal advice, assistance and representation. LSA has over 20 solicitors working in four departments, running seven projects. 

LSA is managed by a Board of Directors which is accountable to LSA member organisations. LSA`s professional services are organised in the firm of Brown and Company. LSA is accountable to the Law Society of Scotland and subject to Law Society/Scottish Legal Aid Board quality regime, as well as the Scottish Government’s National Standards for Information and Advice Providers.

LSA is funded by the Scottish Government, Comic Relief, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the local authorities in Glasgow, Inverclyde, Edinburgh, West Lothian and Midlothian.

About LSA`s Mental Health Legal Representation Project


LSA has two Mental Health Representation Projects: one based in Fleming House, Glasgow and one based in Princes House Edinburgh.


The Project employs nine solicitors with extensive experience of all aspects of mental health, dementia and incapacity law. A key theme if the project is to provide a holistic service to its clients and therefore whilst specialising in mental health, dementia and incapacity law other areas of practice are undertaken.

Access is by telephoning 0141 353 3354 or 0131 225 9998 for an appointment. Talks, seminars and publications are also available.


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