Join LSA

By joining LSA you can support our work and receive various benefits such as reduced priced seminars.

LSA is a community-controlled law centre which aims to tackle the unmet legal needs of people who are disadvantaged. It is a charity, and a company limited by guarantee run by a board of directors.

Our members are very important, providing formal indication of support for our work; guidance and accountability; and a small guaranteed income.

There are two options for membership: full and associate. Anyone can become an associate member. Only charitable, voluntary and community organisations are eligible for full membership.

Membership is excellent value. All members, whether full or associate receive:

  • Reduced prices for seminars (generally between £10 and £30)
  • Free copies of most publications
Only full members have voting rights.

Membership fees are due from 1 April each year. If you join between 1 December and 31 March, your membership is free until 1 April.

If you are interested in joining contact us on: 0141 353 3354 or 0141 354 1274 or

Email us for a copy of our constitution