Drop-in surgeries

If you need to see someone urgently you can come to an LSA drop-in surgery without an appointment. Remember if a drop-in does not suit, phone for an appointment.

Drop-in surgeries: Fleming House, 3rd Floor, 134 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G3 6ST (View Map)

        Monday: 11am-4pm (any issue)
Tuesday: 11am-2pm (housing/homelessness)
Wednesday: 11am-1pm (housing/homelessness)
        Thursday:                 11am-1pm (street homeless)
4-6.45pm (any issue) Glasgow Central CAB also available
        Friday: 11am-2pm (housing/homelessness)

Helpdesk and free advice* and representation* at Glasgow Sheriff Court

For tenants: Glasgow Sheriff Court eviction court:

  • Every Wednesday immediately before the eviction court sits at 9.30am and 1.30pm (please arrive early)
  • Situated outside the courtroom inside the building

For homeowners: Glasgow Sheriff Court mortgage repossession court:

  • Every Friday immediately before the mortgage ‘repossessions’ ordinary court sits at 9.30am (please arrive early)
  • Available to mortgage borrowers facing eviction/repossession

  • This project is funded by Glasgow Advice Service (‘GAS’) and the Scottish Government to help those threatened by homelessness. LSA will refer clients who have money advice or benefit problems to the appropriate advice agency.

    North Glasgow Advice Centre drop-in surgeries: 1169 Royston Road, Glasgow, G33 1EY First Bus services 11 and 19 stop outside the centre) (View Map)

Monday:        2-4pm

Tuesday:        2-4pm (housing/eviction/mortgage)

Wednesday:  10am-2noon (money advice/benefits/employment) and 
2-4pm (money advice/benefits/employment)

Friday:           10-12noon

Saturday:       By appointment

You may be able to get an appointment at other times and at other places in the area (phone 0141 770 7869).

LSA Inverclyde and Housing Rights Project drop-in surgeries:
7 Sir Michael Street, Greenock, PA15 1PQ (View Map)

Tuesday and Thursday:         10am-1pm

All initial advice and representation is free. LSA will take on cases through its employed solicitors, Brown & Co., where appropriate, subject to funding, including Legal Aid.