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In light of the current pubic health concerns due to Covid-19 pandemic we have change our seminar and conference delivery to live and recorded Zoom Webinars.

See our Diary pages for our programme of events:
June 2021
July 2021
August 2021 - coming soon
September 2021 - coming soon
October 2021

If you have missed any of our recent webinars - you can still purchase
Webinar Recordings


LSA`s seminars, conferences, workshops and webinars are among the most innovative, best value and, above all, useful available.

They cover most areas of law in practice.  They are relevant to everybody concerned with law and legal rights.  This includes practitioners, whether qualified or not, solicitors or advocates, paid or unpaid and anyone in the private, community, charitable or statutory sectors.  The events are also of interest to policy makers, managers, campaigners and students.

The events reflect LSA`s values of inclusiveness and respect for fundamental rights.  They come out of our extensive casework tackling unmet legal needs in all relevant courts and tribunals.

LSA has a record of attracting the best speakers and delegates who want to keep cutting edge.  The result is often sparky and thought provoking discussion.

In general, we run two or three events every week - sometimes more.  To keep up to date with what is available, the best arrangement is to register with our email list by clicking here.

JOIN LSA!  If you join LSA, either as a full or associate member, you will automatically, in general, be eligible for a £10 to £30 discount per seminar.  In the case of associate corporate membership, this discount is available for any number of bookings.  Please click here for details.

2020/21 price list (occasionally prices may vary) (booking fees will apply)

Webinar prices

1.5 hour webinars: £30 full price/£25 LSA members/£20 trainee solicitor & concessionary cost

2 hour webinars: £40 full price/£32.50 LSA members/£27.50 trainee solicitor & concessionary cost

Seminar and Conference prices

Morning events: £90 full price/£80 LSA members/£60 trainee solicitor & concessionary cost

All day events: £165/£150 full price - £140/£120 LSA members - £100/£80 trainee solicitor & concessionary cost

Evening events: £75 full price/£65 LSA members/£50 trainee solicitor & concessionary cost

Further information: please contact Susan Bell, Seminar Manager on 0141 354 1274 or at seminars@lsa.org.uk

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