Policy, research and training

The department has a remit to contribute to local and national training, research and policy in issues that directly affect refugee and migrant women, children and young people across Scotland and women in Scotland affected by violence.

The department sits on key advisory boards and operational steering groups in order to raise awareness and provide a practitioner and legal insight into policy and practice on issues such as human trafficking, violence against women, mental health and issues affecting refugee and migrant children.

The department is always happy to consider membership of other groups where this would be of benefit to the group and in line with the objectives of the department.

The department also undertakes seminars and training on issues affecting its client group. It does this by:

  • Organising its own seminars
  • Providing bespoke training to organisations
  • Speaking at conferences and seminars arranged by other organisations

The department has a strong record in providing training. It is always happy to receive suggestions about future training and to discuss bespoke training for your organisation.

If you want more information or wish to discuss any of the above with the department, please get in touch with the department.