Coronavirus and Education Law - recorded on 23rd April 2020
Coronavirus and Employment Law: A Guide - recorded on 29th April 2020
Eviction Proceedings and the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 - recorded on 7th May 2020
Immigration Rules and Cases Relating to Children - recorded on 12th May 2020
Cohabitant`s Rights of Succession - recorded on 20th May 2020
Legal Rights and Protection from Disinheritance - recorded on 3rd June 2020
EU Citizens` Rights in the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement - recorded on 8th June 2020
Trustees and Executor Indemnities - recorded on 19th June 2020
The impact of COVID-19 on mental health and capacity law and practice: Non-emergency and emergency measures and human rights - recorded on 24th June 2020
An Introduction to UK Immigration Law - recorded on 25th June 2020
Survivorship Destinations - recorded on 3rd July 2020
Written Pleadings, Persuasive Advocacy - recorded on 6th July 2020
Medical Negligence - recorded 6th July 2020
Health and Safety Law During Covid 19 - recorded 9th July 2020
Settled Status and Pre-Settled Status - recorded 10th July 2020
Professional Practice & Remote Hearings - recorded on 13th July 2020
How to Make the Best of Lockdown to Improve Mental Health & Wellbeing - recorded on 14th July 2020
Negligence in Will Making - recorded on 15th July 2020
The Basics of Document Automation - recorded on 16th July 2020
Homelessness & Judicial Review - recorded on 22nd July 2020
Landlord / Tenant Law - recorded on 27th July 2020
Group Actions - recorded on 28th July 2020
The Missing Will and Rectification of a Will - recorded on 29th July 2020
Climate Change - recorded on 12th August 2020